Your Hard-to-Forget Adventures at The Shumak, Russia.
Transfers by helicopter.



«Shumak» is the unique wilderness eco retreat high in the mountains of Lake Baikal

2nd prize winner: Health Resort in the “Miracles of Russia 2016” Contest


The Retreat is located in a very picturesque and truly remote valley of the river Shumak at 1600 m above sea level, 180 km from Irkutsk (Irkutsk region, Russia), in the Eastern Sayan Mountains.

The Retreat is accessible only by helicopters (1 hour flight from Irkutsk) or by 2-3 days walking , overcoming the difficult mountain pass.

All building materials were brought by helicopters only. No heavy machinery was used for construction. Low impact, ecologically sustainable facility.

The Retreat provides:

  • 24 hour power supply (220V),
  • Hot water, toilet and shower facilities,
  • On-site bakery,
  • TV
  • Satellite phone and internet.

The famous Shumak Mineral Springs are located within 10 min walk from the Retreat.

It is the only place in Siberia where about 100 mineral springs of different properties, radon and curative mud are found.

The Shumak Mineral Water is a special category of mineral water which is effective for treatment of locomotor, cardiovascular, nervous, upper respiratory tract disorders, liver, stomach, endocrine and metabolic ailments, skin, gynecological, urological and infertility conditions.

Pristine Environment, Healing Mineral Water and Absolute Wilderness makes The Shumak Retreat your Unique Destination to experience this Sacred Place in Siberia!

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If you do not have enough time to stay on the Shumak, We also offer the one-day tour to the mineral springs.
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The rest on Shumak is:

Walking and helicopter excursions

Healing mineral springs

Mountain peaks and waterfalls

Mountain rivers and lakes

Power places

Wild taiga


Ask questions about the Shumak retreat